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We've answered some of our most frequently asked questions to help you.

Haven’t been for interview in 20 years how can you help me?

This can be a mind field and as experience individuals who can help with the facts we can also help with your own wellbeing – focusing on what is relevant to your own situation. We will give you techniques and guidelines along with up to date and relevant interview scenarios and techniques, everything from video interviewing, panel interviews, 1-1 interviews both formal and informal.
We will explain modern interview processes and demonstrate some typical questions. We also include a section on “Mindset” in our course delivery that will assist you to enter an interview with a positive attitude.

As a director, I’ve never had to look at my transferable skills.

First, we will break down what those transferable skills are, what is a mindset and what is a skill – something we see a lot on all levels of CV’s, we will walk you through your own Job Descriptions, how other companies write them and what they look for and how to overcome a LONG CV? With all your skills intact.

We will assist you to highlight these and focus on ones that are specifically relevant to job applications.

I've never had a CV – how can you help?

Its daunting we know – we know senior Partners at Law firms who have never had to write one due to the sector they work in and the networking roles they have just landed! – its scary and honestly where do you start? – how do you get all the information on? – what is required? There are many conflicting advisory items on line! That is where we come in with a full break down of what, where when how and most importantly why!

Our programs are deigned to work through the full CV structure including personal details, key skills and attributes, job detail, education and recommended layout. This is relevant to people starting from scratch or looking to tweak their CV for specific applications. We will undertake a review of your completed CV

I’m looking to change career would you be able to help?

Yes, we will – its not just what you have done – its what do you want to do? – how do you go about doing it? – what is the hidden job market? – where can you get free extra skills and learning? – we will answer these and more!

We will focus on highlighting experience and skills that would assist the career change and this will include relevant personal attributes and outside activities that could be relevant.

I’m very shy and I’d like to talk on a 1:1 basis. Do you offer this?

All our offerings are bespoke and you choose what and how you want the help. Just call our advisers for the best way forward.

We do offer 1 to 1 advice and this can be tailored to fit specific requirements. We will needs assess after an initial conversation.

Due to personal circumstances, I haven’t been in the job market for a number of years. Can you help me?

We have worked with many clients who for individual reason have not been in the market place – from long term family carers’ – the last we placed after 15 years out of work – into a senior role, from having had a stroke or an accident.

We have met many individuals in these situations with added skills and knowledge now who just need that confidence build up and guidance back into the world of work and self-growth.

Our course delivery will include CV, job application and interview advice. Further areas can be covered including Linkedin profiling and job board management dependent on package undertaken.


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